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In the year 1987 Dr. Balakrishnan the president of Krishna Cultural Academy, out guru Smt. Nirmala Umashankar and Lakshmi Balakrishnan Co-founded KCA, with the encouragement of her husband and Secretary Mr.Umashankar and treasurer Mr.Ravishankar it has how branched to 3 locations in Chennai with many of her senior sishyas following her footsteps to establishing KCA’s name worldwide , We complete 32 years, With over a 500 students in our alumni and 100 sishyas currently pursuing our traditional art forms.


Faculty Members 


I am Iswarya Devi, working for Amazon. Dance has always been my therapy. It instantly lights up my mood and gives immense happiness. This is my stress buster and I started learning dance from the age of 5 under the guidance of Natya kala ratna Smt. Nirmala Umashankar. She was my guru who discovered that I could dance and brought out the talent in me. If it was not for her,I would never have learnt this beautiful art form. She is such a talented dancer,singer,encourager and one of my role model. She has her heart and soul into this Dance form. A very supportive and friendly teacher also wants us to persuade dance as our career.I am so happy to be a part of her dance school.


I'm RAMYA RAJKUMAR, I've been training in Bharatanatyam since past 9 years! I entered the world of this magical dance form at the age of Eleven and have been a part of it ever since! I am ever so thankful to my Mother who noticed that I was restless as a child and that I had an innate sensibility towards dance. Hence, she put me into dance classes. My Guru Smt. NIRMALA UMASHANKAR, director of KRISHNA CULTURAL ACADEMY excels in Bharatnatyam, Mohiniattam and Carnatic music such a multi-talented person. She is always been my inspiration, not only in dance and also in life. She takes us to the path of progress by teaching us various subject. Nirmala ma'am gives me many opportunities to dance and even to taking class for the kids as well. I'm very proud to say that I'm a Bharatanatyam dancer and the credits goes to you ma'am. I'm very grateful to have had such an awesome teacher like you. Thank you for all the wisdom you shared and setting a great example.

Senior Student of KCA

Dr.Janani Indrakumar is a Genetic engineer by profession and a dancer by passion. She has been learning dance under the able guidance of Natya Kala Ratna. Guru Smt Nirmala Umashankar from the age of 6. Presently she has been training students in Krishna Cultural Academy for the past 5 years from 2014, she was also a training faculty in NIshanta Kalakendra. She has assisted our Guru for training about 20-25 students for Salangai Pooja and 5-10 students for arengetram. Dance is a therapy that is required for all individuals to balance good mental and physical health. The inspiration from her Guru in her personal and professional life has greatly influenced her life. According to her “ Krishna Cultural Academy is more like a home to all students, here we not only learn dance but also get trained to face all challenging situations in life with the advice given by our teachers. This is a friendly platform that identifies the inner talent inside each individual and choreographs their item in order to bring out the best dancer hidden inside each kid” Come join us, so that we can explore our talents together to reach exceptional heights.


Sowpharneka has been a student of Krishna cultural academy for the past 22 years, taken that she started learning from our guru, Nirmala Umashankar from the age of 2. Being the guru’s daughter, it was only natural for her to take up Bharatanatyam. She takes care of the academy’s classes and is an aspiring dancer, who performs in all major sabhas. She aspires to follow her mother’s footsteps and learn more about bharathanatyam, actively encourages and visits as many performances by various other dancers. she is the joint director of Krishna Cultural Academy who also takes care of the design and technical aspects of the trust. She, being an architect, currently pursues urban and regional planning from Anna University, also, partners and runs an architecture and branding firm, Yuga architects. Her firm is associated with top brands in education and business. She also successfully runs a franchise of Global education brand, Brainobrain. Currently, she models for various saree commercials for notable designers and brands and was an anchor for DD podhigai.

Shwetha Murugan 

She is an architect by profession, she has been having her initial dance training from Guru Suryanarayanamoorthy of the  kalashetra foundation, and had her advanced training under the able guidance of Guru  Natya kalaratna Smt. Nirmal Umashankar . She has been learning dance for more than 10 years now. She has been faculty in Krishna cultural academy and Nishanta Kalakendra for about 2 years .